Kimmo Eklund

How can I help you?

As a software freelancer, I help my clients build great digital products and services, using my expertise in backend software development and data protection. I can help you as an individual contributor (i.e. developer, architect or consultant) or in an interim leadership role (i.e. technical lead or CTO).

Through the privilege of working with talented developers, CX-level leaders and end users in the past, I've gained the ability to understand executives, developers and users alike. This makes me an efficient communicator across roles and functions, especially when differing needs demand to be met.

I work with a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, delivering high-quality results on time.

I'm good at:

  • Architecture design: REST, microservices and Domain Driven Design
  • Backend development: Java, Kotlin and Scala, AWS and Linux environments
  • Leadership roles: project management, product owner or technical lead
  • EU GDPR consultancy and training for development and product teams

If you need to strengthen these skills in your project, go ahead and contact me.

I live in Salo, Finland. I work on-site in the Salo-Turku-Helsinki area, and remotely or short-term on-site elsewhere in Europe.

CV and contact details

CV in LinkedIn:
Phone: +358-40-8020714

Cover picture by Sami Kilpiö